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We are a fire and electrical company currently looking after many bigger organisations, including hospitals, apartment blocks, and shopping centres and manufacturing sites. 

We can help with everything from the creation of Emergency Response Plans and Maps to the Maintenance and Inspection of your Fire Systems, Emergency and Exit Lighting, Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Fire Doors, Hydrant and Sprinkler Systems.

We have recognised a gap in the industry - traditionally small business may need to call on 3 to 4 different professionals - we have the ability and licensing to do it all.

Our mission is to not only take the confusion out of fire and emergency maintenance and legislation but to also reduce the associated costs and carry out your required administration.

A great advantage of working with a one stop shop is we not only carry out your maintenance requirements but we can also package everything together to include administration of your Emergency Systems in conjunction with your business Safety Management System.

In the event of a real incident you know you did everything within your power to prevent the emergency and control the circumstances, you may very well save a life or at the very least reduce damage to your assets.

We invite you call today for an obligation free assessment and quotation.

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Hartec delivers comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of Fire Protection. We can install, service, maintain and consult for all your needs.

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