"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur"

No truer words were spoken with regard to ensuring your fire systems are correctly maintained.


Before deciding on your fire service provider consider the following:


1.       Are they licensed or registered to work within Queensland by the QBCC?

2.       Are they affiliated with the Fire Protection Association?

3.       Do they have adequate public liability insurance?

4.       Do they have work cover?

5.       Do they take responsibility for WHS whilst on your site?

6.       Can they offer a complete service of all your fire and emergency systems including providing

                assistance with your administrative requirements?

7.       What is their policy regarding call outs and after hours works, are they available when you need


8.       Do they offer a telephone support service to answer your tricky questions?

9.       What other credentials can they offer?

10.     Are they willing to provide references from their existing customers?

11.     Are asset reports for the inspection completed provided for ALL works completed?



Consider the consequences!


·      Grenfell Tower fire, West London, England - 71 dead, 70 injuries.

·      Quakers Hills Nursing Home, 18th November 2011, 14 deaths of residents following fire.

·      Docklands fire: Melbourne high-rise apartment blaze forces evacuation of hundreds.


Recent fines issued following prosecution by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services





Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!




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