Enforceable Penalties For QLD Fire Safety Regulation Non-Compliance

As of the 1st July 2009 the QLD Building Fire Safety Regulation of 2008 has become enforceable with business incurring potential penalties for non-compliance. Following is an overview of your obligations and the enforceable penalties that apply for non-compliance.


Code 4298 – fail to prepare Fire and Evacuation Plan – Act 104W (1)

Penalty: $5,500


Code 4341 – Occupier fails to display evacuation signs and diagrams for the building – Regs 30 (1)

Penalty: $1,650


Code 4265 – Fail to implement a fire Safety Management Plan – Act 104FB (3)

Penalty: $5,500


Code 4352 – Occupier fails to ensure an evacuation is carried out in accordance with the fire and evacuation plan at intervals of not more than one year – Regulations 43 (2)

Penalty: $1,650


Code 4344 – Occupier of a high occupancy building fails to appoint a fire safety advisor – Regulations 34 (1)

Penalty: $1,650

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