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Fire Systems Maintenance during Covid19

With the recent developments around the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we feel it necessary to reach out. Our first thoughts are with you and your family, we trust that you remain safe and healthy.

As the world shifts its focus on the health and safety of friends and family, we offer reassurance in relation to our services and confirm the continuation of our service to you as your fire systems are still required to be maintained under Government legislation to ensure its continued operation.

History has demonstrated that in times such as these, where activity within and around a facility changes from its normal operations, the fire risk is heightened. Given the current situation, it has never been more important to ensure all fire systems in all buildings continue to be inspected and maintained to ensure they will operate in accordance with their design intent and purpose.

Maintenance of fire systems are a critical life safety activity that safeguards building occupants and protects property by reducing the likelihood of a major fire event occurring. Fire equipment maintenance is an essential service that must continue regardless of the pandemic and we will continue to work closely with businesses to maintain critical fire protection systems in accordance with regulations.

The well-being of our employees and you, our clients is of paramount importance to us, we will continue to operate where possible, following established protocols against COVID-19 to prevent the spread of the virus in all occupant environments for both our technicians and customers.


We are a 100% Aussie Owned, Managed and Staffed Fire Protection Company, we promise a personal level of service that has proven itself to be extremely valuable to all our existing customers. Most of our new customers come from personal recommendations, this speaks volumes for the level of service we provide. Currently providing Fire Systems Maintenance and Administration services from the Gold Coast to Gympie and everywhere in between.If your current Fire Preventative Maintenance agreement is due to expire, contact Hartec Fire Systems. Provide us with the details of your installed systems if available and allow us to provide a quotation for an all-inclusive package that is second to none.Call today for an obligation free quotation!

Are you Prepared?

With the current catastrophic bushfires, it may be time to reflect on our own safety, we need to consider how we will respond if an emergency were to occur within our home or work environment.
All homes and businesses are different which is why we must take a step back and consider the environment in which we live and work, typical emergencies may include:
• Fire
• Security
• Medical
• Electrical or Mechanical process
• Environmental such as storms
Have you considered how you will respond?
Have you practiced responding to different emergencies?
There are safeguards you can put in place to protect you including:
• Fire:
o Have interconnected smoke detectors in all your bedrooms and in the hallways.
o Check your smoke detectors regularly.
o Have a written escape plan.
o Practice an evacuation, particularly if you have children.
o Install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your kitchen.
o Never leave cooking or any open flame such as candles unattended.
o Clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer, every time you use it.
o Do not overload power points.
o Keep matches and lighters away from children and educate them on fire safety.
o Keep gutters clean, particularly if you live in a bushfire prone area.
• Security:
o Making sure you lock your car and home.
o Install a surveillance camera, even a dummy camera may deter a criminal.
o If you go away ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your place and remove flyers and newspapers from your letterbox and lawn
o Put some lights on a timer.
• Medical
o Complete or refresh your first aid skills.
o Keep a current first aid kit.
o Keep medications out of reach of children.
• Electrical or Mechanical
o Have your switchboard checked by an electrician annually.
o Have all your under-sink hoses checked annually by a plumber.
o Keep a torch handy for power failures.
o Learn how to manually open gates and garages if required.
o Learn how to turn the water off to your house in case of a burst pipe.
• Environmental:
o Keep your gutters clean and clear of tree branches.
o Extreme heat or cold – make sure your appliances work as required and remember your elderly family may need assistance.
Your place of employment is required by Workplace Health and Safety Regulations to ensure all employees receive fire training and attend a fire drill annually. They are also responsible for ensuring all their fire appliances and fire doors are maintained in line with required preventative maintenance schedules. Hartec can assist with these requirements if there is a shortfall and would welcome the opportunity to assist.

Building Fire SafetyARE YOU COMPLIANT?​

If you are a building owner or if you are a business occupying a building in Queensland, you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of every person in your building in the event of an emergency.The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires the following:*  A written Fire and Evacuation Plan for the building must be in place.*  Evacuation Signs and Diagrams must be displayed.*  A procedure must be in place to provide 'adequate instruction' to prescribed persons.*  An Evacuation Coordinator must be appointed.*  An Evacuation Practice must be conducted annually.*  Exit Door Dardware must be the correct type.*  Prescribed Fire Safety Installations must be maintained and inspected regularly.At Hartec we can assist with all of the above and we would welcome the opportunity to advise on your requirements and provide a quotation for our services.

Have you changed the battery in your smoke alarm this year?

Fire Departments Australia wide recommend that the batteries are changed in your smoke alarms on April 1st every year!

When a fire starts, only working smoke alarms provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise property damage. Taking the time to develop good fire safety habits is required to prevent fires in your home.

New legislation in Queensland can be found at the following link:

"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur"

No truer words were spoken with regard to ensuring your fire systems are correctly maintained. Before deciding on your fire service provider consider the following: 1.       Are they licensed or registered to work within Queensland by the QBCC?2.       Are they affiliated with the Fire Protection Association?3.       Do they have adequate public liability insurance?4.       Do they have work cover?5.       Do they take responsibility for WHS whilst on your site?6.       Can they offer a complete service of all your fire and emergency systems including providing                assistance with your administrative requirements?7.       What is their policy regarding call outs and after hours works, are they available when you need                them?8.       Do they offer a telephone support service to answer your tricky questions?9.       What other credentials can they offer?10.     Are they willing to provide references from their existing customers?11.     Are asset reports for the inspection completed provided for ALL works completed?  Consider the consequences! ·      Grenfell Tower fire, West London, England - 71 dead, 70 injuries.·      Quakers Hills Nursing Home, 18th November 2011, 14 deaths of residents following fire.·      Docklands fire: Melbourne high-rise apartment blaze forces evacuation of hundreds. Recent fines issued following prosecution by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Serviceshttps://newsroom.psba.qld.gov.au/Content/State-News/Fire-Rescue/Article/Fire-safety-breach-sparks-second-fine-for-Gold-Coast-building-occupier/1020/1060/13924 https://newsroom.psba.qld.gov.au/Content/Local-News/ENL/Article/Fire-safety-neglect-sparks-fines-in-Townsville/1017/1071/13869 Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!   


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