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Have you changed the battery in your smoke alarm this year?

Fire Departments Australia wide recommend that the batteries are changed in your smoke alarms on April 1st every year!

When a fire starts, only working smoke alarms provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise property damage. Taking the time to develop good fire safety habits is required to prevent fires in your home.

New legislation in Queensland can be found at the following link:

"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur"

No truer words were spoken with regard to ensuring your fire systems are correctly maintained. Before deciding on your fire service provider consider the following: 1.       Are they licensed or registered to work within Queensland by the QBCC?2.       Are they affiliated with the Fire Protection Association?3.       Do they have adequate public liability insurance?4.       Do they have work cover?5.       Do they take responsibility for WHS whilst on your site?6.       Can they offer a complete service of all your fire and emergency systems including providing                assistance with your administrative requirements?7.       What is their policy regarding call outs and after hours works, are they available when you need                them?8.       Do they offer a telephone support service to answer your tricky questions?9.       What other credentials can they offer?10.     Are they willing to provide references from their existing customers?11.     Are asset reports for the inspection completed provided for ALL works completed?  Consider the consequences! ·      Grenfell Tower fire, West London, England - 71 dead, 70 injuries.·      Quakers Hills Nursing Home, 18th November 2011, 14 deaths of residents following fire.·      Docklands fire: Melbourne high-rise apartment blaze forces evacuation of hundreds. Recent fines issued following prosecution by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Serviceshttps://newsroom.psba.qld.gov.au/Content/State-News/Fire-Rescue/Article/Fire-safety-breach-sparks-second-fine-for-Gold-Coast-building-occupier/1020/1060/13924 https://newsroom.psba.qld.gov.au/Content/Local-News/ENL/Article/Fire-safety-neglect-sparks-fines-in-Townsville/1017/1071/13869 Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!   

FPaS recognised business

Hartec Fire Systems are committed to continual improvement and working well within the fire protection industry, for this reason we are thrilled to announce we are now a Provider of Choice in the Fire Protection Association's Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme . The below excerpt was taken from the FPA website:Why use a Provider of Choice? Why should you choose to engage an FPA Australia 'Provider of Choice' for fire protection products and services over another provider in the market? Here are three important reasons to consider: 1. All FPA Australia Corporate Members are bound by a stringent and rigorous Code of Practice which relates to their professionalism, behaviour and conduct within the industry. 2.  All FPA Australia Corporate Members must hold a minimum of $10Million Public and Product Liability insurance and are encouraged to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance. 3. All FPA Australia Corporate Members are required under our Code of Practice to ensure they hold all necessary state or federal licences or certification as may be specified and are required to be suitably qualified in all practicing activities.  All FPA Australia 'Provders of Choice' are active Corporate Members of the Association and meet all of the above requirements as a condition of their membership.​

Now on the Sunshine Coast!

Hartec Fire Systems are now on the Sunny Coast and ready to discuss ALL YOUR FIRE SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS.
We are a fire and electrical company currently looking after many varied organisations, including hospitals, apartment blocks, shopping centres and manufacturing sites.

We can help with everything from the creation of Emergency Response Plans and Maps to the Maintenance and Inspection of your Fire Systems, Emergency and Exit Lighting, Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Passive (Fire Doors), Hydrant and Sprinkler Systems.

Our mission is to not only take the confusion out of fire and emergency maintenance and legislation but to also reduce the associated costs and carry out your required administration.

A great advantage of working with a one stop shop is we not only carry out your maintenance requirements but we can also package everything together to include administration of your Emergency Systems in conjunction with your business Safety Management System.

In the event of a real incident you know you did everything within your power to prevent the emergency and control the circumstances, you may very well save a life or at the very least reduce damage to your assets.

We invite you call today for an obligation free assessment and quotation.

1st April - Only working smoke alarms save lives! Change your smoke alarm batteries.

When house blaze start, only working smoke alarms provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise property damage.

Taking the time to learn and adopt fire safety habits is the best way to prevent fires in your home.

To ensure smoke alarms work properly, Hartec Fire Systems encourages householders and business to test smoke alarms monthly and change any batteries annually.

Every year on April 1, April Fools’ Day Hartec promotes the day as a reminder to regularly change smoke alarm batteries at this time each year using a high-quality, long-life battery.

Our tips!

* We recommend the installation of a 240V mains powered photo-electric smoke alarm, as qualified electricians we would welcome the opportunity to assist if required.
* New legislation will require that smoke detectors are located in all sleeping quarters.
* If you have smoke alarms with a changeable battery, you need to refer to manufacturer's instructions, this may be available by typing the model number into google search.
* If you have mains-powered smoke alarms, read the manufacturers instructions to check if they require back-up batteries, as above a Google search may reveal your requirements.
* All smoke alarms have a maximum service life of ten years and need to be replaced. Mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted by a licensed electrical contractor.
* Smoke alarms must be clear of obstructions and not painted over, we recommend a April Fools Day Spring Clean by removing any dust from the grille areas with a soft brush attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Your Total Fire Service Provider We’ve got your back!

At Hartec, our goal is to take the confusion out of your compliance requirements.

We are committed to providing each or our valued clients with a personalised service that ensures they attain the very highest Total Fire Service in line with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

Proudly servicing both large and small business in Brisbane from the Gold Coast up to the Sunshine Coast– you can count on Hartec Fire Systems for expertise and support from a team of fully qualified and dedicated fire safety professionals.

Taking the confusion and worry out of your fire and emergency maintenance and compliance.
Relax in the knowledge that in the event of a real incident you can be confident that you did everything within your power to prevent the emergency and control the circumstances, you may very well save a life and at the very least reduce damage to your assets.

Current customers include:
 Manufacturing sites,
 Hospitals,
 Apartment blocks
 Shopping centres
 Distribution warehousing

Call for a no obligation quote today, we welcome the opportunity to assist with all your fire compliance needs.


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