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Hartec Fire Systems offers a wide range of affordable fire protection solutions including the design and installation of quality fire safety systems as well as experienced and reliable inspection, testing and maintenance services on your fire safety system and equipment.  

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Your fire detection and alarm system is the first step in protecting people and reducing damage to your assets from fire.  When a fire breaks out, every second counts and the earlier the fire is detected the faster you can evacuate your people to safety. 

An effective fire detection and alarm system is designed to detect the first sign of smoke, often before anyone knows a problem exists. Our experienced service technicians at Hartec Fire Systems are fully trained to install, test, inspect, service and maintain a vast range of fire indicator panels to ensure your system fully complies with all the relevant building codes and regulations. Ask us for a quote today.

Occupant warning systems

Occupant Warning Systems when correctly maintained facilitates the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency.  It will be initiated automatically by a fire alarm system or by a building occupant setting off an emergency break glass alarm, your panel will respond in seconds to help protect your people, property and business.

Hartec Fire Systems will ensure your buildings Occupant Warning System is installed and maintained to the correct AS1670.4 and AS1851.2012 standards. 

VESDA Systems

VESDA works by continuously drawing air into a distributed pipe network via a high-efficiency aspirator. The air sample then passes through a dual-stage filter. The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air sample before it enters the laser detection chamber. The second, ultra-fine stage provides an additional clean-air supply to keep the detector’s optical surfaces free from contamination, ensuring consistent absolute detection and long detector life as well as minimizing nuisance alarms.

From the filter, the air sample goes through the detection chamber where it is exposed to a laser light source. When smoke is present, light is scattered within the detection chamber and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive receiver system. The signal is then processed and presented via a bar-graph display, alarm threshold indicators and/or graphic display. VESDA detectors are able to communicate this information to a fire alarm control panel, a software management system, or a building management system via relays or a High Level Interface (HLI).

Maintenance is required in conjunction with AS1851.2012. Contact Hartec Fire Systems for further information about the correct maintenance and service of this product.

Electrical services

As Hartec Fire Systems employs qualified electricians we are also able to provide you with a complete electrical breakdown and installation service, including:

Fire Doors and Penetrations Sealing

Fire Doors are an integral component of the fire protection in buildings and are known as “passive fire protection systems”. They are installed in walls constructed as fire barriers and each fire door has a fire rating known as a fire resistant level (FRL) as does the wall itself.

Fire doors need to be maintained to Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP 6.1 which requires that prescribed fire safety installations for a building are maintained by an appropriately qualified person at intervals that are adequate to ensure the building’s fire safety installations perform to a standard no less than that which they were originally required to meet. Fire doors must comply with QDC MP 6.1 schedule 1, which refers to specific maintenance schedules.

Click here to view the PDF.

Fire Hydrants and Booster Assemblies

 Fire services use the hydrant for a continuous flow of water which is vital to firefighting operations. A fire truck carries only enough water to make an initial fire attack. In the first minutes of a fire emergency a continuous water supply from the water mains must be accessed through at a hydrant. In every fire emergency, getting a hydrant to work is one of a firefighters’ priorities. Accessing a hydrant without delay ensures that firefighters who are already inside a burning building tasked with search and rescue or attacking the fire can continue for as long as required.

If your building or occupancy has a fire hydrant or booster assembly, you may be responsible for its maintenance which will include six-monthly and annual inspection in addition to regular flow testing and servicing every year and 5-years.

Hose Reels

Hose reels are another important component in your fire suppression system, it is required to be inspected every six and 12 months. With a fully extended length of 36 metres, fire hoses are designed to deliver a minimum of 0.33 litres of water per second, various types of fire hose real are available to meet your needs.  Hartec Fire Systems can advise you on the correct inspection regime to ensure your hose reel is always in 100% working order.

Fire Pump Sets

Fire hydrant pump systems (also known as fire pumps, hydrant boosters, fire water pumps) are high pressure water pumps designed to increase the fire-fighting capacity of a building by boosting the pressure in the hydrant service when the mains are not enough, or when tank fed. Monthly, annual and 5-yearly maintenance is required as part of AS1851.2012/3.

Emergency Lighting

Hartec Fire Systems specialises in all aspects of emergency and exit lighting, we employ experienced, fully qualified, reliable electricians to provide new installation and all maintenance on your emergency and exit lighting systems that meet all regulatory standards.*

*The building code of Australia (BCA) 2010 requires all required emergency and exit signs must comply with Australian Standard 2293.1

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets

Extinguishers are an important component of your businesses fire and life safety, they are REQUIRED to be installed in your building.  Remember to have them properly placed where they are accessible and in proximity of a potential fire hazard, have the correct class of extinguisher for the hazard.

It is important for your fire extinguishers and fire blankets to be correctly maintained in conjunction with MP 6.1 by an appropriately qualified person. Contact the experienced Hartec Fire Systems team for further information. 

Small Business Packages

The Hartec Fire Systems Small Business Package is an inspection tracking service designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety inspections. We take care of when you are due for a fire safety inspection, electronically tracking your inspection requirements and allowing you to focus on your core business. 

Let Hartec Fire Systems tailor a package to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Fire detection
  • Fire suppression, including fire extinguishers, hose reels and fire blankets
  • Emergency and exit lighting inspections and installations
  • Test and tag
  • Emergency response plans and evacuation maps
  • Emergency evacuation training
  • Preparation of required documentation to ensure compliance

Fire Safety Advisor Services

Hartec Fire Systems is fully-licensed with the QBCC to provide Fire Safety Advisor Services. So if you need a Fire Safety Advisor in order to comply with the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, then we have you covered. Here at Hartec, we can take on this role on your behalf including:

  • The review or supply of emergency response plans
  • Conduct your required annual training
  • Create your evacuation diagrams
  • Complete your maintenance certification documentation
  • Switchboard and Equipment Thermo-scannin
  • Switchboard Maintenance

  • UPS and Battery Maintenance

  • Emergency Light Testing and Repairs

  • Test and Tag Appliances

  • Energy Usage Analysis

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Electrical Safety Switches (RCD) testing

  • Battery Load Testing

  • Generator Load Testing

  • Supply and Connection of Generators

  • Equipment Relocations and Installations

  • Switchboard and Metering alterations

  • Standby Generators and Automatic Transfer Switches

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Switchboards New / Alterations

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Communication / Network Data Services Structured Cabling (Voice & Data)

  • Public Address Systems

  • Background Music / Audio Systems

With Hartec Fire Systems you’re in safe hands. Ask for a quote today and be surprised at just how easy and inexpensive an effective fire protection solution can be.

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